Taken care of cats in

Our activity is not limited only the care of dogs, but also we offer the service of nursemhelp of cats in. For our feline friendly we have thought optimal solutions in agreement with the character and the needs of each cat: the kangaroo for cats in your own address, is per hours or with pernoctación.

Taken care of cats at home of the client per hours:

If to your cat it does not like to travel unlike, and threatens in having a mental breakdown before the idea of being moved of its dear home, our service of kangaroo at home is designed and especially raised for you 🙂

It vetoes very carefreely of vacation happy and! During your absence we will personally take care to visit your cat (or to your cats, if you have many). The service is flexible, we are agreed on the number of visits and in each the caretaker takes care of his feeding, to clean his sand, to control that he is well and, thing not less important, he will do company to him and he will give affections him (if it accepts them, clearly). It will do it respecting his spaces religiously and trying to give him what needs without their habits are altered of no way.

Taken care of cats with pernoctación of the caretaker including:

If you want that your cat does not only feel during your absence, we offer a service of day-care center in which the caretaker remains even in your good home part of the day and at night making company to your kitten, thus feels never only 🙂

This option requests us coverall clients who have puppies, cats majors or that need constant medication, so that their always well accompanied and well-taken care of little animals are 🙂


If you need more information on our service of nursemhelp of cats in contact to us here

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