Dog walkers in

These looking for dog walkers in?

You need somebody professional who takes a walk to your mascots and she does company to him when your you cannot?

You finish finding the indicated people!

We offer strolls individualized for your small dogs, according to the special exigencies of each and their needs:

  • Stroll relax: especially indicated for the dogs more majors or for which there are enfermitos and they are even recovering we offer calm strolls, avoiding situations that can estresar to him or oppress.
  • Stroll vitality: perfect for the youngest and most energetic dogs we much more organized dynamic strolls with the aim of satisfying his thirst with diversion and adventures.
  • Escape in the forest: if what needs your dog is a good escape, then we offer long strolls in the Forest, so that it can run by the caminitos of the forests that surround the city and it super pass good playing, scrutinizing and exploring all corners.

Tariffs Dog walkers tariffs

Our tariffs are different, contacts us to explain your needs to us and so that we can do a budget to you.

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