Day nursery of dogs in

You are looking for the best day-care center of dogs in? We are specialized in the care of dogs in the city of and can help you when you cannot do position to you of your best friend. We take care of your likeable friend hairy throughout day (or during more days if you must go to you of vacation), we took to give it to lengths strolls, we played with him, we pamper it and, by all means, we turned it into our main guest 🙂

In our day nursery we took care of the dogs in our homes, our main headquarters are a very ample and extensive floor (125m2) in the district of Grace (Barcelona); where in addition to being a very calm and cosy place, we also have a beautiful landscaped outer patio of almost 30m2 where the small dogs can play, run, take the sun or simply to pass it very well 🙂

Here we took care of the tiniest and sociable dogs, but, for dogs of size superior to the 15/20 kg, or dogs that have problems to be related to others, we to size offer day-care centers in the homes of our collaborators.

For us, most important of a day-care center of dogs, it is to assure tranquillity and well-being, working with professionalism and attention. Each dog has its own needs and habits, reason why it is fundamental to count on a trustworthy kangaroo of dogs and experience. Therefore we preferred to know all the small dogs personally that they give us in safekeeping, speaking previously with his masters to put us to the day on all exigencies and to offer the possible nicest stay to them and nearest the routine that they have in his own homes.

People of the team of nursemhelp of dogs your dog will be able to enjoy an exemplary care and 🙂 will become the king of the house

We will take care to remove it as minimum three times to the day, to give him eaten, to brush it, to clean it, to give medecines him in case it needs them and, obvious, to give him to very many mimitos and love <3

Also, to part of the service of lodging, we offer daily strolls, and precise help if the dog needs to go to the canine hairdressing salon or the veterinarian and you do not have the possibility of accompanying to him.

If you want to know our tariffs or to know something more on our services of day-care center of dogs that we offer in contacts to us here

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