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I am called Sonia, I am 26 years old I am paseadora and the dogs enchant to me

Hello to all!

I am called Valentina and I been the director of Nursemhelp of Dogs in.

From always I have been a great lover of the animal, although the majority of my knowledge on this fantastic world I have learned them working in Guatemala, in greater the canine and feline refuge of all Central America. There I learned to take care of to multitudes of dogs and cats (of different ages, types and with variable problems), removing them, cleaning them, feeding them and trying to improve his conditions of life. I also worked as assistant of veterinary clinic and learned first help, very useful when an animal is enfermito and needs medication or suffers a small accident.

I have also had the occasion to work with exotic animal as birds and parrots of different races, earth or water turtles and several rodents.

Furthermore, making voluntary military service in a Bolivian refuge I have had the possibility of taking care of wild animals as a pile of simpatiquísimos monkeys, a pair of Andean bears, coatis, crocodiles, capibaras and ocelots among others.

In the 2015 I decided to take advantage of this experience to found my own Company dedicated to services of taken care of mascots.

I began single and to day of today the proposal has grown consolidating a team of professional caretakers: ramblers, kangaroos, trainers, companions, hairdressers, specialists in wedding kangaroo and veterinarians.

So if you must march you vacation, or have an inescapable appointment and you need to somebody confidence that to leave your mascots, you do not doubt it, you can have us, contacting to us or coming to know 🙂 personally us

We speak in Catalan, Castilian, English, Italian, French and our headquarters are in the district of Gracia de.

Until soon!

Amiable and kind

Valentina is an amiable and kind girl, a perfect nursemhelp of dogs

Stefano S

I left my dog to Valentina

I left my dog to Valentina during finde… very I am satisfied, note that really loves the animal! Super advised


Finde without preoccupations

I never separate of my dogs. But the past weekend, I outside had a wedding, and nobody to that to be able to leave them. A friend I recommended to me to Valentina, liked the philosophy that they would live with her, that would be as in some small vacation. He could never leave them in a residence, is as a jail. I had worried, but he only was at the outset. He sent photos, saw to me happy my dogs. And when returning to by them, you do not believe that they were very happy to return to house!
Simply brilliant

Samuel ?lvarez

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