Nursemhelp of mascots for Easter

You are looking for a nursemhelp of mascots and dogs during vacation of Easter?

Is Passover arriving and does the slight spring air already make you dream in vacation and excursions outdoors to relax to you, but not yet you know where to leave your hairy friendly beloved?
You do not worry!
Nursemhelp of dogs can help without problems 🙂 you
One of the reasons that made me choose to take care of the mascots for other people is the desire of being useful to the proprietors of dogs, cats or other mascots when they do not have the possibility of doing it they themselves.
With me the dogs will be enchanted of life, would enjoy long strolls, a pile of love and much affection while you will be enjoying a monkey of Passover, a chocolate egg, an impressive sacred procession or, because no, of a delicious piece of “colomba? Italian if you leave to Italy 😉

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As they spend your dogs vacation of Easter?

With me your little animals will be in a familiar and warm atmosphere where comfortable insurances will feel and, will give to lengths strolls to the Tibidabo, the beach or in some of the parks of the city,
they will play much, they will feel calm and happy and we will celebrate Passover as if they also of vacation were 😉

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Food that there is to avoid during this period

For whom it chooses to remain in the city, to remember to you that there is to have much well-taken care of because in these days, as comments a famous English magazine to us of Liverpool, in these dates of Easter usually they increase the cases of food poisoning in our mascots.

With Passover the traditional plates and desserts also approach that adorn the tables in these so special days. Unfortunately many of these plates are toxic and detrimental for the health of our hairy friendly.

The most serious cases of poisoning usually occur by the chocolate ingestion, that, as all we know, contains teobromina, stimulating a natural one that human the digestive system can synthesize whereas the one of the dogs and the cats is not predisposed to digest.

In addition to the chocolate, also there are other pies or treats of Passover that can be bad for our friendly, since they contain too much sugar and its excess can cause serious problems to its teeth, the appearance of diabetes and excessive increase of weight.

In any case, if you want to make a small gift of special Passover to your mascots, to please to our friendly of four legs which can be done is to buy some treats done especially for them (who can be found in very many stores where they sell articles for animal) or to prepare some pastelitos homemade that contain neither sugar nor no substance that stops it is injurious 🙂

I hope that this article you has been useful and I wish you to all you and your mascots a happy Easter!

Until soon!


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