Camitas for cats and homemade dogs with materials recyclings

You want to make happy to your friend of four legs being prepared to him a small comfortable and comfortable place where is possible to be retired and to be rested?

Desire the idea to you to do you yourself the new does small house of your mascot with materials recyclings and low COST?

Here you can find six ideas funny, very cheap, ecological and especially easy to realise 🙂


1) Old monitors

From an old monitor of PC it is possible to be tried to construct to a small house for cats and dogs. This allows to return to use the monitor of an intelligent way, to make sure that an object as this it does not become a voluminous remainder. In this article all the detailed instructions can be found step by step to construct a small house of dog with a monitor (the article està written in Italian but are many images that illustrate the process 😉)

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2) Old jerseies

Between the ideas for the recycling of old sweaters the following photographies teach to us how to do smooth camita as much, suitable for a dog as for a cat from them 🙂

So that camita is still more economic and “recycled?, its interior with an old pillow or blankets can be filled up.

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3) Suitcases vintage

Also there is who has thought to make a bed for its mascots being reused a part of an old suitcase, turning it thus into true camita, very comfortable and even of design 😉

So that camita is well fixed is the option to apply to four patitas in the part inferior of the suitcase so that it does not move. For the inner coating a pillow or an old blanket can also be decided here on.

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4) Old small table at night

A pair of steps at night an old small table in a true small house for your animal can be turned. In the first place the door is due to remove, later the rough surfaces are due to smooth or sharpened and in the end possible dangerous metal pieces are due to eliminate. The small table at night can be repintada, if necessary, but it is necessary to always use paintings that are not toxic for our hairy friendly. In order to complete the small house of the dog it lacks to put something suavecito in his interior.

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5) Palets

Here we have an example of a small house for dogs obtained easily using palets recyclings (palets with simple wood boxes can also be replaced). In this case it is necessary to pay special attention to the elimination of chips or rugosities that can be present, to avoid that our best friends can suffer an injury. In the image that I propose it has tried to construct to a “cradle? for dogs with a plate with the name of the small dog and a comfortable pillow in the inner part. This solution is also adapted for cats 🙂

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6) Cardboard boxes

If you at home have cardboard boxes that you do not use, here an example of “skyscraper? for cats done through the recovery of these cardboard boxes. With a little creativity, so that he is cosy and funny at the same time, true architectonic structures can be created so that our feline friendly use their new small house as a true space for scalings.

Surely your cats very will be thanked for by the much diversion that you will offer to them since, happening through small doors, windows and unevennesses they would go it brilliant in his new kingdom 😉

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I hope that the advice of nursemhelp of dogs you have been useful and if you have some ideas you can share them in the blog 🙂

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