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APAEC DOES NOT HAVE a contact TELEPHONE, if you want to communicate with them is necessary to do it through its FACEBOOK PAGE where in less than 48 hours they answered to you generally. Thank you very much by the understanding.

Here the connection:

Where be adopted exoticos can animal?

To part of refuges and centers of rescue for dogs and cats, in Catalonia there is also APAEC that has been created to be able to save to all those little animals that come considered “exotic?.

They are animal part of this “category? as the rabbits, the guinea pigs, the hamsters, the rats, the mice, the squirrels, the ferrets, the sprocket wheels, several types of reptiles, many types of birds and fish, to mention some.

This association, in fact, gathers considered animal exotic that have been left or mistreated and that is in search of a warm home and of some masters who want much to them and that they take care of them 🙂

The initiative seems to me brilliant! By all means the dogs and the cats enchant to me and thank god that are refuges for them, but is very well that there are good people who also dedicate themselves to rescue other animal types 🙂

In their webpage or its page of Facebook the photographies and histories of the little animals can be found that are in adoption or which they are in other centers of rescue with which they collaborate 🙂

It adopts to Operates In Greater Do!

I have fallen in love with this wonderful chameleon that flame Operates In Greater Do! <3<3

The poor man has been burned and later left….

Source of the image: APAEC


If somebody were interested in him you can contact with this association and ask to information on the adoption 🙂 🙂

The contact mail is:

Degu in adoption

Also degu in search of house and much love is this tiernisimo <3

Source of the image: APAEC

The mail of contact to know but on him is:


More information:

I remember to you that all the adopting ones must be adults, very responsible, with knowledge on the animal that are going to adopt, available to spend to time and love in the recovery of these likeable resident bichitos and being in Catalonia.

Here the connection of the webpage.

I hope that all these small little animals can soon find a happy home with a family who makes them feel only and special as they are it 🙂

I also hope that thanks to my article somebody finds to a perfect buddy for him 🙂


A greeting to all!

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