A carlino as friend

Very good morning to all!

Today nursemhelp of dogs wants to speak to you of one of her greater passions: the carlinos!

So likeable, affectionate, amiable, playful, relaxing… These dogs everything has it!

I finish providing with accomodations to a carlina of two years that, for two weeks, has turned my house into a kingdom of likeable snores, much love and immense sweetness…

A truly FANTASTIC animal!

So if it interests to you to deepen his knowledge, immediately some information more on this race and its care 🙂

The origins:

According to the majority of the historians and the Zoological Society of London, the race was originated in Eastern Asia: old documents, coming from China, identify the carlino as “the dog of face and short legs?, especially popular in the imperial court during the Song dynasty.

This canine species begins to extend during the Mongol empire; the gentlemen of Gengis Khan took it to East Europe around century XVI and in 1553 the Turkish fleet arrives in Toulon with these small dogs that came considered “scopes and precious gifts?.

Later, the race expands in the Netherlands, where color became a “mascot? because of its hair orange (that is the national flag of the country) and, shortly after, also in the rest of western Europe.  In very just a short time, the carlino almost becomes a symbol of the middle-class and a privilege for the noble women of the Rococo time.

In the following century, the carlino continues gaining success thanks to the English nobility until obtaining its maximum popularity at Victorian time.


The carlino is a very active, ebullient, alive dog and for nothing aggressive. To this type of dogs it likes much to feel part of the family, since it needs love and heat and, for that reason, hates to be excluded. Because of his morphology one gets tired easily (especially in summer) and has inclination to gain weight.

In addition it has a communicative code that a series of “inhalations? understands, groaned and nasal verses due to the so short face.

It is known by the loyalty that demonstrates day after day to its master of whom almost gets to be the “shade? and can demonstrate extremely jealous when their proprietors pamper to other dogs in their presence. In spite of this, the carlino is not, nevertheless, nervous and is quite glad and playful.

Problems of health:

The carlino is a very delicate dog and needs a great amount precautions, especially in the hottest periods.

Problematic the most common ones are:

  • The obesity, that can be resisted paying attention to its daily diet constantly and to it exerted physicist.
  • To the being a race of brachycephalic (osseous that has the squashed nose) the carlinos can undergo respiratory problems, especially the warm and humid summers.  In order to limit this complication, it is necessary to avoid the excessive efforts especially during the hottest hours with the purpose of to avoid a possible heat flush.
  •  Infections of the skin, for that reason it is necessary to put under the dog to a cleaning of the skin and of his you fold but deep.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Orthopaedic problems as the dysplasia of the hip.
  • A series of cardiorespiratory upheavals such as noisy breathing, snores aloud during the dream and low resistance to the abrupt changes of temperature.

A carlino as friend

Despite it is a very delicate dog, the carlino continues being one of the likeable and smiling small dogs but of all! Their capacity to make laugh and amuse to their masters, the unconditional love that offers and the small noises to you of its breathing makes of him a dog unique and able to conquer the heart worldwide with that carita so pretty that it has and those enormous eyes that seem to look at the bottom of your soul! <3

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