Fenix dog in adoption

Hello to all!

Today nursemhelp dogs wants to comment to you that 🙂 is a charming small dog in adoption


Fenix in adoption:

Its name is Fenix and here you have a photo hers: -) 🙂

Fenix is a dog of size mean-great (surely a mixture between sheepdogs) very beautiful and super affectionate!

This small dog has been rescues in 2006, now it is màs or except about 11 years old, and the problem that it has is that their masters cannot continue taking care of it, so they are looking for the way to find a person to who it would like to adopt it to give the care him that needs 🙂

I have known personally this charmer and simpatiquisima small dog and the truth is that I fell in love immediately: it has a very tender glance, a smooth hair (<3 is as caressing osito of plush <3), she is very affectionate and surely it will salute giving you to many little kisses and joy to you!

Very sweet and amiable Fenix in addition to being, is a obedient dog and is customary to be with many people and to also sleep in the outside.

Right now one is in, in garden: “Jarclos?.

Contacts for adoption and information:

If somebody outside interested in adopting it can call: 934 183 206

Or to write an e-mail a: oriol@jarclos.com



I hope that Fenix can find a home soon where it is possible to be given to all the affection and the love him that 🙂 needs

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