VERY URGENT: Vietnamese pig in adoption

The good Sunday to everybody!

Nursemhelp dogs informs to you that 🙂 is this fantastic Vietnamese piggy in adoption <3

VERY URGENT: Vietnamese piggy in adoption:

I present to you to Pumba!


Pumba is a male Vietnamese piggy of 6 years. Unfortunately their masters cannot be made position of him and if he does not find a home soon where to leave THEY SACRIFICED it IT!

This piggy is castrated and is customary to live in the outside.

As their masters did not have long time to dedicate to him and has spent long time only, a “depressive anxiety? has diagnosed him and ? has become wild just a little bit

Surely, by far love, affection, time and patience will return to be the likeable piggy that was before 🙂 🙂

In fact I have had the luck to work with rescued pigs (great as as much Vietnamese) and are between the most intelligent, affectionate and amiable animal of the world!

In New Zealand I took care to recover to a pair of Vietnamese piggies as Pumba that had spent long time single and that had become aggressive. With a generous dose of love and confidence in them, in a pair of months they had changed totally his attitude, beginning again to become sociable and affectionate and jueguetones 🙂

The pig is a very faithful mascot, it loves very many its masters and it will always be to your side giving you love and joy 🙂 For that reason I am convinced that with a little patience it is possible also to be rescued calmly to Pumba!

Pumba now is in Cervelló (closely together of) and


In fact the pigs usually eat fruit and vegetables and do not leave very expensive to maintain 🙂 🙂

Contact for adoption and information:

If somebody were interested in adopting to Pumba can call: 657424644

or to write an e-mail a: or to

We hope that soon Pumba has a home where it can receive all the care and the love that deserves! 🙂

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