Terms and Conditions

1- All dog, to accede to these services, will have to go provided of an effective system against fleas and ticks. It will have to also be of vaccines; if it were not it the Company declares not to become position of possible consequences derived of a bite from the dog to the caretakers, other animal or third parties.

2- The animal of the Client must be correctly registered in the Catalan census or the one of the country of residence of the client (in case it resided in another country) and to respect the norms of effective recording and vaccination in Spain and Catalonia. The Company does not assume responsibilities if the dogs do not fulfill all the norm. In the case of sanction, the fine must pay it the proprietor of the animal.

Diurnal day nursery10:0019:0020,00€
Nocturnal day nursery10:0010:00 +125,00€
Collection//15,00€ each

*Sin IVA

4- The prices and the schedules reflected in the previous section (3.) are indicative, since they can vary according to the particularitity of each benefit.

5-Las tariffs of services offered during the festive week ends or can have an increase of 25%.

6- In order to reserve to a service the Company it asks that the amount in its totality is phelp. The money will be given back to the Client in case it cancelled the reserve, as long as it respects the policy of cancellation of the Company that can be read in the following point.

7- When realising the reserve the Proprietor is committed, in case of cancellation of the same, to warn with a minimum of a month of advance (31 days complete before the date of beginning of the reserved benefit). If it did not do it, the Company will be able to protest:

· 50% of the price of the service reserved, in the case that the cancellation became between the 30 and the 16 days before the date of beginning of the reserved benefit.

· 70% of the price of the reserved service, in the case that the cancellation became between the 15 and 5 days before the date of beginning of the reserved benefit.

· The 100% of the price of the service reserved, in the case that the cancellation took control less than of 5 days complete of advance, before the date of beginning of the reserved benefit.

9- The Company always requires a period of test for new clients, this period serves to value if the Company can be in charge of or of the animal and its duration varies based on each case. In case the Company did not consider to be able to be in charge of the animal or the animal within that period, it will be able to cancel the reserve automatically. In this case the Client will have to only pay the price of the days consumed within the period of test.

10- If once surpassed the period of test unexpected and special circumstances occurred in the time of the reserve that the Company could not manage, the Company must right to transfer that service reserved to another Company better prepared for that special case (the possible additional cost, if outside superior at the cost of the reserve, would go in charge of the client). By all means, a previous communication with the Client would become, who can also choose to cancel the reserve.

11- The Client authorizes to the Company to make use of the veterinary services that she considers opportune to guarantee the good health of the dog if this were necessary. The expenses of these services, medecines and taken care of extra several, will be on behalf of the client, being phelp to the Company upon presentment of their corresponding receipts.

12- In case of contagious disease, the Proprietor authorizes to the Company the transfer of the dog for his isolation, becoming position of the expenses, if this he were outside the facilities of the Company. The Client also will be made person in charge of the damages caused to other animal if that produces some contagion of the disease.

13- The Company is committed to warn the client of any incidence as soon as possible, contacting for it through warning telephone that appears in this document.

14- If by any circumstance the dog passed away during its stay, the Company will order a post-mortem examination to the veterinary services, if the client saw it opportune, being authorized with the signature of this contract. All the resulting expenses of these activities, as well as those of collection and incineration of the body by the corresponding services, will be the responsibility of the Client, notwithstanding the possible claims to the Company.

15- The Company declares that it will try as well as possible to watch the dogs. Anyway, due to the extreme impredecibilidad of the animal, the Company cannot accept responsibilities by any mishap or extraordinary accident caused or received by the dog of the Client (examples: bitten to other animal or third parties, damages caused to objects of any type, accidental death of the same or others due to the same, poisonings, upsettings, etc).

16- The Company is committed to the care of the physical, psychic needs and nutritional of the dog, such as allow the return of the same in optimal conditions, although it is let know the Client of the possibility of loss of weight due to the stress produced in some dogs by the separation of his owners.

17- The Client has the obligation to supply to the Company with the food of the dog and other accessories (nourishing, medicines, toys, etc) that the same needs during the stay. Otherwise the Company can be in charge to buy them and will presenterá receipts at the end of the stay whose cost will have to pay the Client.

18- The Client cannot ask to the Company that the reserved service infringes the effective norms in Spain and Catalonia as, for example, to remove the dog without strap.

19- The company is committed to the sanitary hygienic maintenance of its facilities, as well as the one of its guests.

20- The dog will be able to have direct bonding with dogs of other Clients, in this case, the Client understands and position becomes of the possible injuries that the dog can be done playing or in case it happens a fight with another animal.

21- In case the caretaker put patient or was disabled to work, the same will be in charge search a confidence person so that it can help him with the strolls, the care or with the daily cleaning of the facilities and the dogs. The client authorizes that the person chosen by the Company acts as tutor of the same and with the same conditions. In case has not been a tutor, the Company is committed not to load the cost corresponding to this benefit.

22- Spent ten days after the agreed date of exit, without his owner has gathered the dog, the Company will be able to give it to the corresponding municipal services, with the consequent denunciation by abandonment before the competent authorities, without for that reason resigning to date to the claim of amounts owed of its collection.

23- In accordance with the arranged thing in Statutory law 15/1999, into 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data it informs to him into the following ends: The data by you provided will happen to comprise of an automated file whose person in charge is VALENTINA CONSONNI. The data by you provided will be used with management aims. VALENTINA CONSONNI has adopted the demanded safety measures based on the level of the provided data, having installed necessary the technical and organizational measures, taking into account the state of the technology, in order to avoid their loss, alteration, nonauthorized inadequate use or accesses to the same. For the exercise of its rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition will have to go to the present direction of e-mail of the Person in charge of File VALENTINA CONSONNI (info@strongpets.com).

24- Applicable law and Jurisdiction: The present Terms and Conditions will be in force and interpret in agreement with the Spanish laws and the applicable laws in Catalonia. For any question or discrepancy that arises between the parts in relation to the fulfillment, breach, interpretation and/or execution of the present contract, these are put under, with express resignation to own charter, the Courts and Courts of.

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