Work of caretaker of dogs and rambler is offered

Enchant to you do the animal and would you like a work of caretaker of dogs or a work of dog walker?

As we have many clients and unfortunately we cannot take care of all charming little animals, we are looking for several collaborators who can help us to take care of them.

The philosophy of our residence is the one to offer a special care to each animal and, as we preferred to take care of simultaneously of few dogs, the exigency has arisen to find new collaborators to be able to satisfy to all our reserves.

So caretaker of dogs and dog walker looks for 🙂

Also if you have experience with exotic animal as rabbits, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, fish, etc there is the possibility of taking care of them 🙂 from time to time

Profile of the caretaker of dogs/mascots that look for:

The collaborator profile who looks for is the one of a person:

  • Loving of all animal type
  • That it treats the animal as if they were his
  • Very responsible
  • Careful
  • Very precise
  • Affectionate extra
  • It cheers and to pave
  • With a minimum of experience in the world of the mascots and the animal
  • With flexible schedules that adapt to the exigencies of my clients (possibility of working during the festive week ends and)
  • Preferably with car and that lives in city

Clearly all type of experience, practices or study in the scope of the world animal will be evaluated and taken in consideration 🙂

Tasks of a work of caretaker of dogs and dog walker:

The possible tasks are the following:

  • To walk dogs (individual stroll or in small groups)
  • To take care of in YOUR HOME of dogs cats or another type of mascot (it is as diurnal day-care center that nocturnal)
  • To take and to gather dogs or another mascot to the veterinarian
  • To take and to gather dogs to the canine barber
  • To go to animal stores to buy food, accessories, etc.
  • To help in special activities for dogs as long strolls in the mountain or to the beach and other that nursemhelp of dogs can mount


If you want to work with dogs, cats or other animal, you fit with the profile and the tasks seem to you interesting, you do not doubt in contacting to us because we are making interviews to select to new collaborators 🙂

For but information it calls to: 625551058

Or it sends your CB to this e-mail:

We will be enchanted to meet other freakies the animal 🙂


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