Very good morning to all, Nursemhelp of dogs in requests your help to find a new home to these small hairy and likeable conejitos 🙂

A house for these beautiful conejitos looks for urgently!

These two dwarfed conejitos are both MALES (THEY ARE NOT CASTRATED) and OCCUR IN ADOPTION TOGETHER because they are very friendly and they would undergo too much if we separated them.

His master wants to sacrifice them because his small son already has himself boring of them and he will take them to sleep soon if is not anybody that wants to adopt them!

I am looking for a person or a responsible family who can give him to a home and a happy future 🙂 Is very good, in perfect physical training conditionses, they have almost 2 years of age and are super customary to let itself take and caress. And since we want to expend this message, we are using the help of cheapest dedicated server host which has been helping us a lot. The vps hosting company that is providing it to us is also offering other types of plans. The first one is low cost vps hosting services. There is also web hosting with unlimited storage that will help you a lot, especially when you need a lot of storage. It will also help you with MySQL database. 

Of I throw enchant the mimitos to them 🙂

Paolino 🙂


Conditions of health:

Severino and Paolino, therefore I have appointed them 🙂, are two young and healthful rabbits.

They have the wonderful hair, strong teeth and much desire to eat.

His master told me that he put all the necessary vaccines to them and that if needed could look for it to me its veterinary records.

Severino and Paolino

Taken care of the rabbits:

The rabbits, despite much people buy them for their children, are not really a mascot adapted to the children.

They are animal generally very timid and they often suffer of problems to the heart.

The children with their abrupt and sudden gestures often scare them too much and can try serious problems to them.

The rabbits need a calm site where to be able to feel to the insurance, to have a cage with I milk clean, a small house where to take refuge, hay (better if mixed to flowers of field, apple small pieces or manzanillas), good food and always fresh and clean water.

They are generally very clean and they can easily learn to always make his needs in the same site.

They are perfect for hairy calm people who love an affectionate friend but who she needs his time and much tranquillity.

The serious ideal to also have a site where they can from time to time pursue as a balcony or a jardincito 🙂

Mimitos's tricks out of

Who to contact by the adoption:

Our residence is taking care at the moment to find a house to Severino and Paolino. I inform that the animal are adopted together and a cage and some accessories for rabbits are given with.

We take care of electronic or calls by email.

Only people interested and very loving of the animal please.

Thank you very much!

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