Socialization of puppies: Afternoon snack with your puppy! Tea party with puppies!

Hello to all!

This 🙂 is a group organized by Nursemhelp of dogs in to promote the socialization of our small cachorritos

I have wanted to give life to an event to pass a few hours in company of other lovers of the animal, making available the beautiful space of my nice residence in the district of Grace.

The together idea is the one to pass an afternoon in a comfortable home with a pleasant garden tropical style/zen where to take a cup from good tea, some cakes and homemade pies in an atmosphere cheer and relaxed and especially to allow our puppies that amuse themselves and they go it very well! 

Of which the group of socialization of puppies consists?

We want to organize a group for the socialization of our tiny ones so that they make new friendly and to speak of common subjects to all the masters with the valuable contribution of Ana, our favorite trainer 🙂

The activity understands a chat done by the canine trainer who explained some to us “tips? to help us to educate of the best possible way our small dogs and that he will be to your disposition throughout meeting for consultations or possible doubts.

Ana will also be in charge to organize some games entertained for the puppies that will be useful to develop their senses to them and to stimulate their curiosity.

For all the participants there will be a small small gift done by Sally, ours dog to designer Swedish favorite, that by hand creates and with natural materials necklaces and doggy accessories 🙂

So if you have some cachorritos or some young dogs and with desire to play and to know new friendly you do not doubt in contacting to us, we will be enchanted to meet to you!

Important information:

  • If you want to attend, since the PLACES ARE LIMITED, you can send an e-mail a: to confirm the reserve.
  • The price of the activity is of 10€ per person and includes: it chats on the part of our canine trainer, games of socialization, biological and homemade afternoon snack and a special small gift for each small dog 🙂

We hoped to see you with your puppies soon!

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