An happy-end for Rexie, the kitten with wheelchair

Today I would like to tell you the stirring history of the Rexie cat that, thanks to the love of its owner and to the help of a veterinarian who believed in him, can take to a completely normal life in spite of its problem with patitas back 🙂

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The history of Rexie

When it was as soon as a kitten, a small small ball of hair, Rexie had a serious accident: one fell of the window and, with the joints not yet completely formed, lesionò the back legs.

Her proprietor took it immediately to the veterinary clinic in emergency where he remained hospitalized during some days.

The veterinarians did not take long time to notify terrible to him: Rexie had the completely paralyzed back legs and they did not give the small creature more than three months of life.

The proposal was, as unfortunately usually it spends too many times in difficult cases as this, the suppression of the animal.

Her mistress, nevertheless, was not satisfied for anything with the received diagnosis and she went away to listen to the opinion of other veterinarians who, unfortunately, all reached the same conclusion:  the cat no longer could move its legs and opzión better era to suppress it to avoid too much suffering to him.

Despite all these so negative diagnoses, the lady did not occur by won and continued looking for a solution to rehabilitate the cat and to save the life to him.

Without knowing what alternative exists for this type of paralysis, she put themselves search information and she contacted specialists and lovers of the felines of other countries.

Thanks to these new contacts, she discovered something that without a doubt could have improved the quality of life of its small friend: a mini wheelchair for cats that could be applied to the back legs so that the animal could continue to walk…

A truly brilliant idea!

As a wheelchair for cats works?

 In fact, a wheelchair for cats is very useful so that the animal recovers mobility and the physical form, since it allows him to continue to make movement.

Wheelchair, as that it was used to help Rexie that suffers of a paralysis of the back legs, is made up of two wheels with aluminum bars (or another light and lasting material) united by a band that is put around the body of the animal.

In the front part a belt avoids that the cat advances and annuls the utility of the chair. Also there are special closings, where patitas are placed paralyzed so that they remain immovable and they do not prevent the movement of the wheels.

These cars are perfect for those animal that, as Rexie, remained paralyzed in one or more legs and, for that have even undergone an amputation.

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When Rexie proved this special harness for the first time, everything changed for the best thing!

This wheelchair allows that to the cat to take an almost normal life, now he can leave with his owner to give a stroll by the park and even can run after the butterflies and the insects 🙂

Rexie has become a cat as all the others.

From an expectation of three months of life, already it has more than two years and it lives happy with a family who loves it and takes care of him, doing everything what the other felines do 🙂

Thanks to its mistress, who has wanted to fight to save the life of her dear cat, continuous Rexie living in the best possible way.

A great lesson to learn something.

It is never necessary to be in a hurry before making the decision to suppress an animal because in the majority of the cases there are other options that could save the life of our hairy friend…

Of I throw, we could find a optimum solution as which him 🙂 has been happened to the Rexie candy

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