The best games for cats

 You don't know how to amuse to your feline friendly?

Here you will be able to find some “homemade? ideas to comfortably construct the best games for cats in your own house. With the simplest materials available in any home you will be able to make small toys and wrists that will cause that your kittens enjoy of life and they pass it brilliant! 🙂

Next six examples easy to construct and cheap:

1) Ratoncito of fabric

You can create a ratoncito for your cat with simple challenges to them of fabric of colors. For the filling dry and perforated leaves of grass can be used cat. Of the cord the tail takes control of the mouse and to finalize the moustaches are embroidered to him, the eyes and the small mouth. Your cats will become crazy with this ingenious toy! 😉 Here the tutorial in English.

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2) Ratoncito crochet

Who is expert in crocheting can create this beautiful ratoncito of pink and white color. In order to ensure his completion it is suggested to fill up the doll with fabric small pieces. The USA the pink color for the tail and two small bellboys for the eyes (it remembers to fix them very well so that the cat does not swallow them). Here you will find the tutorial in English.

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3) Small box to play

This small box to play is especially useful to stimulate the curiosity of your cats and their capacity to take hold objects. You are going to have to create holes in the cover of a plastic box (also shoeboxes can be used) and in the interior to put some muñequitas of fabric or other small toys to stimulate the kitten. Here the tutorial in English.

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4) The corks

Toys for cats with the cork corks can even be created. 🙂

It tries to perforate the corks with the help of a corkscrew or a striker pin. This way you will be able to introduce some tapes of colors that they will attract your kitten. Strip the corks to the ground and you will see how it enjoys the crazy person!

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5) Rolls of toilet paper

This it is a toy very easy to construct that it allows to recycle of a creative way your finished rolls of toilet paper. The objective is to pile up rolls the one upon the other with the purpose of to create a pyramid species with a stable base.  In order to do it is necessary it to assure it with a glue adapted for the paper. Here the tutorial in English.

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6) Asterisks of felt

In order to construct this toy you can recycle old sweaters and spools of thread. Also you can do them having the spools with challenges to them of felt. After to have covered the spools has to hold firmly the felt by the sides and to tie it with a cord or to sew it with thread and needle. Here the tutorial in English.

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These are only some ideas that can help you if you want to make new toys for your feline friendly, although certainly with a little creativity and I devise, are possible to be invented many other funny things that they appreciated a pile. It leaves fantasy it inspires to you and it begins to invent! 🙂

I hope that nursemhelp of dogs has been useful!

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