Espai DeGats: an original coffee in where cats can be adopted

You want to adopt a cat because you are a great lover of the feline world but you do not know to whom to ask?

You do not worry!

Espai DeGats is the perfect site for you 😉

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That it is the Espai DeGats

Espai DeGats is the first Cat-coffee of, osseous a site where a coffee can be taken but, unlike a normal cafeteria, you will be surrounded by adorable kittens ronronenates that, in this sites, is the unquestionable owners of estena 🙂

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This cat-coffee is without doubts a very original place, appreciated by all those people who want to adopt a new hairy buddy and by the many lovers of the cats that they appreciate to be in touch with them during the time of a coffee and a chat between friendly.

To part of being a site where you will be able to enjoy the company of a few likeable small balls of hair that look for house and love, you will be able to take a refreshment or also to eat one snake vegano, to be knowing all the kittens that some are without haste 🙂

Su filosfia is the one to allow people in touch to enter with the cats a relaxed and familiar atmosphere most possible 🙂

In Espai DeGats you will be able to find several cats of different ages and will be able to find out with the help of the girls who take care of the adoptions what is the best thing for you.

As Espai DeGats works

The coffee this located in the barium of Grace, Carrer de Terol n

°29 and està opened of Tuesday to Sunday in different hour strips.

In order to be able to visit it a previous reserve is necessary because, to avoid that the cats do not undergo any type of stress, to let itself enter I number limited of people not to oppress too much the animal.

If you cheer up to go to know this charming place for lovers the animal, where something on the care of the cats is even learned and its needs, here the connection the webpage of Espai DeGats and the contact Book Phase so that you can reserve your visit in the kingdom of the cats when he is but comfortable for you 🙂


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