The dogs that listen to classic music

The studies realised by the University of Madison in Wisconsin (U.S.A) have demonstrated that the milk production in the cows that listen to symphonic music increases of a 7.5%.  In addition developing is had that the cows are more docile and estan more arranged to meet in the stable when they listen to delicate notes of a piece of classic music.

For some it can seem an urban legend, although the realised studies reveal that music has a strong effect in the physiology and the behavior of several creatures. In fact, many investigators already have begun to explore the effects of music in plants, birds, fish, monkeys, elephants, cows, horses and in short, also in the dogs.

The human beings we are familiarized with the effect that produces music in our mood and our behavior. Classic music is famous for being able to reduce our anxiety, to improve our humor, to lower to the sanguineous pressure and the cardiac frequency, to favor the dream, to diminish the perception of the pain, to increase the tolerance to the painful manipulations and, generally, because it acts as moderator of the answer to stress. On the contrary, other types of music exist who bring about hostility, sadness, fatigue and diminution of the mental clarity.

Which is the effect of music in the dogs?

Be used can music to offer him to a greater serenity and tranquillity to our mascots?

The carried out studies in the canine refuges suggest yes, that classic music calm to the dogs and which, in response to this type of acoustic stimuli, barks much less and sleeps more of the habitual thing.

This effect is not, nevertheless, extendible to any piece of classic music, nor to any type of music. For example, the answer to music heavy metal metal is totally different, since apparently with this the mascots are excited and reacted as if they were in a stressful situation: they are shaken more of the normal thing, they sleep less, and they happen most of the times standing up and barking.

The reason for these reactions still is not known. In the case of classic music, it has been suggested could mask the disturbing noises of the environment perhaps but one is another more specific mechanism without identifying. In any case, the certain thing is that an effect exists and, that in the case of the relaxation that feels when listening to it, this behavior pronounces so much in the dog as in us, its masters, reason why I can affirm that classic music helps us to both to reach a condition of well-being 🙂

Thanks to these investigations, the students suggest it music, especially the classic one, could be used as a tool to enrich the surroundings of life of our friendly of four legs and, in addition, which he would help to diminish stress and to accelerate the treatment processes during periods of disease.

The results have been so surprising that nowadays there are several centers of training of dogs and veterinarians who use classic music to relax to the animal before the training.

The use of music in the treatment of the animal

The use of music in the treatment with the animal, that is called musical therapy or music therapy, is used mainly in the following cases:

  • Anxiety by separation of the master.
  • Anxiety of veterinarian.
  • Anxiety of canine barber.
  • When somebody comes to visit to us at home.
  • When there is a storm or when there are fireworks that bother the animal.
  • In all the cases where the estresa mascot is known that.
  • During the process of treatment of the animal.

From the physical point of view, one knows that one of the most excellent effects of classic music in the dog, as in fact also it happens in the human being, is that it returns his calmer breathing and considerably reduces to the beats of the heart, fomenting therefore a greater relaxation and tranquillity in the mascot.

When and how to listen to classic music?

I finish describing a series of specific situations in which any dog could be useful to listen to a little classic music, but in fact are many other occasions in which it can do it.

There is a little while better no another one, but he is especially advantageous when the dog only remains at home. To leave the radio tuned in an emission of classic music during our absence promotes the relaxation of the dog and reduces its anxiety; in addition to tranquilizing it, it also allows that one does not only feel, since the sound of the radio does company to him.

Nevertheless, it is important to consider that an excessive use of music can be more detrimental that beneficial, since very noisy surroundings are stressful for the majority of the animal. In this case, to improve the well-being of the dog, to reduce the environmental noise it can be more effective than his exhibition to relaxing music.

I personally listen to a pair of hours the day classic music and have stated good effects as much in my mood as in the one of my small dog 🙂

We preferred glad pieces as some of Beethoven, Vivaldi, Ravel, Strauss and, without a doubt, those of Mozart, who to seems usually is appreciated between our friendly of four legs 😉

I conclude saying that I believe that most of classic music is useful to help to relax to our dogs. Even so also recordings exist that contain compositions realised exclusively for animal that are not nothing bad either. They are collections of classic music in which often typical sounds of the nature are intuited, as they are the song of the birds or the whisper of the wind between the leaves of the trees. After all, what better than the sound of the small birds cheeping or the noise of the leaves in movement so that our puppy feels the air of a calm and nice habitat?

Here I put the video to you of one of the pieces that we like more and small dog, I hope that you also like 🙂

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