My day with Braulio

Today I want to speak to you on my relation with Braulio, a wonderful French bulldog of almost ten years that lives with its likeable mistress in the district of Grace.
From the first time that we have been between us it has established a very beautiful and affectionate relation 🙂
Her mistress me leaves it several times, is when she must leave to go of trip, is when for different reasons must absent herself of house and she does not want to only leave to his dear small dog too many hours.

A day with Braulio

When I am with him, to part to be super happy because it is an excellent animal, so amiable and affectionate that the heart of anyone gains, always attempt that has very good day, and it treatment as if outside the king of the dogs! Every time I must take care of him I do very many mimitos and “rasquis to him? (it enchants to him when I scratch the barriguita to him <3), we played a pile, we took the sun and we make the nap juntitos 🙂
When we rose first that I do is to clean ojito to him because has a problem and I also put some to him special droplets. Later it comes the hour to eat and him change the water (I try whenever the water is new, changing it a pair of times to the day and using bottled water, selecting the one that has few minerals and in this way prevents stones in the kidneys with our animal friendly).
After the food we are going to give paseíto by the district and are going to play together with other likeable small dogs or the several toys that they like 🙂
In the evening it is always our “mimitos Time? but, after relaxing we are going to give a longer stroll to us. Sometimes we go in the forests near the city or on the beach so that it can enjoy the marine breeze and so that it can inhale a little iodine that, where appropriate, him help to breathe better.
I always try to take a botellita to me of water so that it can drink after to have walked and we do pausitas each two by three so that too much does not get tired. Also I take some snacks and some premiitos for dogs 🙂
To 19h it is dinner time, we return to house and we hoped awhile to leave a last time before laying down to us.
Finished the last daily stroll I prepare his camita near my bed so that one does not only feel and, after it to have surrounded in its calentita mantita and to have given him to many little kisses and caresses, we are both going to sleep happy, happy for the beautiful together day that there are past 🙂
Brauli, as I call it, is truly a fantastic dog!
So amiable, likeable, funny, empathic that to spend the days with him causes that the time flies still more fast of the normal thing. I am very happy of to him to have known him and to its mistress who, now, no longer is simply a neighbor to whom I help but also 🙂 is a friend
To be Nursemhelp of dogs does truly happy and full my life to me 🙂

An answer to “My day with Braulio?

  • Situense in the lateral esplanade of the Museum of modern Art. We are on the verge of happening in front of a small entrance of the Caixa. My young friend is right, in seconds I see that a dove sends itself to the corner of the entrance covering that walked by the ground, avoiding that an enormous killer gull sends itself on the small bird. The gull gives a turn flying to go as a bullet on my friend. It extends its arm and is able to stop the attack. She flies the gull again to send itself for the second time, and it repeats the action. While the gull initiates another turn to mark by third time, my brave friend follows with her extended arm and the open hand calling; a group of doves flies close, and rauda as it shoots with an arrow leaves our lucky bird to be united and to move away flying among them, while the gull follows them a little while and stops. I can assure that I a little while passed almost of terror fearing a physical disaster for her. My friend has a very beautiful name but I assure to them that its tenderness is infinitely beautiful.

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