You want to be paseadora of dogs? Here 5 advice!

Only one special person is able to dedicate all along to a mascot, the love and the patience that needs. To be paseadora of dogs it is necessary a great amount of sense of the responsibility, especially when one begins to train them or to teach to them as going of stroll. Also there are many other factors to consider, as the purchase of a necklace/suitable harness and a strap, the system of rewards by good behavior, etc. Takes a little time but, soon, you will know as doing so that your dog can live in best on the ways the experience of the stroll 🙂

1) Pon the necklace/harness and the strap to your hairy friend

It will have a little while in which the dog will understand that it is the hour of the stroll, by the simple fact that you approach him with a strap. Being paseadora of dogs for many years, I have learned that are very useful to begin to train to the animal as of this crucial moment, using the harness from the first age. Llama to its your dog saying to him: “we go? with the strap and at sight harness.

N.D: Very important! Necklaces and strap exist very many types different from harnesses/:  it speaks with your veterinarian before buying the equipment to walk your dog. Your doctor can advise to you more on the type of suitable material for him. In spite of everything, I prefer to also use the harness with dogs of great size; although trained from small, they do not create no problem and for them is much more relaxed to be removed with a harness instead of a necklace that can drown it or hurt to him in the neck.

2) Assure to you that the necklace/harness is fit, but not too much

You must avoid to tighten it around the neck/chest of your mascot. If one or two can be inserted fingers between the necklace and the neck/chest, it means that it has been put correctly. However, you must make sure that he is not as ample as so that the dog unties at the time of removing it.

3) The side chooses that you wish to take a walk to the dog

It is important to maintain constant the rules when one trains an animal to go to take a walk. To determine a side of the body where the animal must walk makes clear which is its place during the stroll. This serves so that the puppy gets used to walking with you, knowing your position. Nevertheless, you must consider that stops the dog to walk with a strap is not a natural situation and needs a period to be accustomed.

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4) Mantén the strap near the body

The aspect most important to teach to the dog to walk with a strap constantly must be reiterated because your you are commanding and it is not the dog who decides to where to go. Your you are the commander and it must be reflected in your behavior when you take a walk to your dog.

  • It fits the strap around your hand until there is little space between your and the dog.
  • Mantén the strap near your body, but assures to you that it continues being sufficiently long to allow that your hairy friend walks of natural form.
  • The dog must feel the resistance of the strap and understand that it cannot walk too much ahead or behind you.

5) Speech with him

The dog understands the tone of your voice. You do not have to show frustration.  Animate saying to him to him “brave? or “done well? when one behaves correctly.

6) Recompénsalo with special small gifts

Give delicious prizes mainly him when you teach to go to give a stroll to him (reserve for the formation the cookies that it likes more), but when you want to communicate to him that one is behaving well. The reward, for a paseadora of dogs, often is the best way to obtain great results 😉

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7) Ten taken care of with the climate

Sometimes there are days, or moments of the day, where he is too hot to remove the dog to give a stroll. It is necessary to consider the temperatures to determine which is the best moment to take it. Generally, the best hours are early in the morning or at night. It avoids especially the central hours of the day during spring and summer (from the 11,30 to the 16,00 more or less), since the sidewalks can burn the legs of the dog. The best way to find out if asphalt is too hot is to put the naked hand in the sidewalk; if after five seconds you must remove it because he is too hot, is better to change of hour.

8) It brings a pile of water and some foods

In addition to the bags for the excrements, it also brings a container and a bottle of water so that your dog can drink. It is important that always or it is hydrated, especially if is going to give a long stroll or during the warm hours the more of the day. Coverall during the months of summer, is indispensable to have a pile of water available. Here they are some ideas for afternoon snacks healthful and easy to take with you:

  • Bilberries
  • Slices of watermelon without seeds
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Ice pricked during the warmest days

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I hope that these advice to walk useful dogs can be 🙂

He also remembers that for any doubt, or if you need a paseadora dogs and nursemhelp of dogs in, here is my information of contact 🙂

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