The rat: a small small dog domestic servant

First that I tell him to people when they ask to me because I have a rat as mascot is the following thing:  a rat, can be a great pet, neither the more nor less than a dog or a cat, but in mini version 😉

Unfortunately we have the custom to think that this likeable rodent is very dirty and carrying of enfermadades…

In fact, nothing of that is truth!

The rats are animal limpisimos, even more than a cat!

They happen all along cleaning itself meticulously and they also learn to make his needs in a special sand so that its home stays clean and healthful.

To part of that, they are extremely sociable, friendly and it enchants to them to be to contact with the human being.

I have had two bald rats and one common rat, Caramella, Occhialina and Esuebia-Fragola-Antonina 🙂

the three have been saved of a sad destiny, since the majority of these animal grows up for the experimentation or as alive food for serpents and predatory.

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The realción between my rats and I

In order to explain to you better in than the relation consists that can be restored between you and these precious mascots, I will do some examples to you of how my small amiguitas behave with me.

In order to begin, whenever they see me near the cage, they stick to the bars to be catches, look for in continuation my attention, they come when it is called to them by name and, literally, they fall asleep as if they were in critical moment whenever the cripples to do caresses and mimitos to them…

They always want to be with me or with the people who are to them familiar and, in addition, they are super sociable also with people that knows for the first time.

These are only some of the examples of the way in which a rat interacts with us, not to speak, in short, of whatever they are intelligent!  They can be trained to take to end “tricks? truly complex 😉

A rat, therefore, establishes a relation with its “human? recognizing it as integral part of its “clan?, establishing with him a connection very hard. The basic rule so that this pass is to gain its confidence because, once it is not scared, the rat will become your best friend 😉

Because to have to a rat as mascot?

In summary the advantages to have a rat as life companion is the following:

  • She is loyal, playful, intelligent and clean.
  • She is glad and friendly as a dog, but independent as a cat.
  • Not long ago noise.
  • It does not have particularly strong or disagreeable scents. Of I throw, counts the history of one Finnish lady who, to the being its rat so perfumed, it passed it as if outside “pout-porri? between all friendly!
  • It never bites almost never, even.
  • Generally, the rats have an adventurous and challenging temperament.
  • They are animal gregarious, they live in group and they have a complex system of social interaction, which the long ago most apt ones to the socialization.

In short, if not yet you were safe of whatever are brilliant these fantastic and likeable domestic little animals, I have hung a pair of unique videos here that I hope will convince to you of whatever are 😉


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