How to choose a good caretaker of dogs and mascots in?

Who is the caretaker of dogs and mascots and of what its work consists?

The caretaker of dogs and mascots is a professional figure that plays a fundamental role in the life of which we have pets and we needed to somebody confidence that helps us when we go away of vacation or when we do not have sufficient time to be able to remove to the dog or if we cannot mount it to take to our mascot to the veterinarian or to the barber.

In other words, the caretaker of dogs and mascots is a kangaroo of dogs, cats and other animal 🙂

The caretaker can take care of your animal in his own house by some hours, a whole day or also during several days, according to your needs. By all means, he will take care of them in his house without putting them in a cage or a box.

The caretaker can also offer his services as dog walker moving to your house to remove to take a walk to your friend of four legs without you must be engaged in it. This type on watch especially is indicated for those people who, for different reasons, absent themselves of house during many hours and want that somebody of confidence remains with the dog, causing that amuses itself and socializes, instead of to leave it all along solo.

Nursemhelp of dogs, for example, offers these services, as much at home as in her own home, and for any type of mascots 🙂


Where search a kangaroo for your animal in?

In all the veterinary clinics or the stores for animal they know somebody generally confidence that offers these services, is enough with asking it.

Also the plank of announcements can be stared at, often at the disposal of the clients in the waiting rooms of the veterinarians or in the animal stores, where often caretakers announce and note can be taken from its contact.

Also, with a simple search in Internet animal caretakers can be found in Barcelona.


How to choose the ideal caretaker of dogs and mascots?

Here they are all the warnings not to be mistaken with the selection:

– In the first telephone call it is necessary to specify all the needs of the dog as, for example, the times that it usually you remove, whichever physical activity usually does on a daily basis, whatever you brush it, possible problems of health or medecines that take, etc. This serves to make sure that the person to that you are leaving the animal knows how to manage it of the best possible way.

– Not to choose a caretaker simply because it is near your house, is better to find the suitable person although it is far.

– If you must go you of trip during a few days, the best thing is to make a visit to the house of the caretaker in advance and to realise a test leaving him your mascot one night. That way you would find out if your mascot is compatible with the caretaker chosen before marching to you.

– You never must trust which says that they always left to the dog in the garden or residences where there are cages and boxes.

– If your dog is not very sociable is important to inform into it and to ask if there are small children in the residence, and coverall to know how its stay will be managed when it agrees with other guests.

– Question how many strolls would be provided to him at least to the day (would have to be three) and of how long they are.

– It always fits the foods that normally your mascot eats, to avoid an abrupt change in its diet;  you do not have to trust those kangaroos that promise to provide food without additional expenses.

– It is fundamental to observe the behavior of your dog with the chosen caretaker because the only way to make sure that you have selected it well is to see how your mascot with him reacts. If your animal returns to house after the test in good form, it cheers and without great changes in the character most probable it is than everything has gone very well!  It verifies that he is not afrhelp or that any significant change in its habitual behavior has not taken place.

– It remembers that for the kangaroos of dogs the demand is much greater than the supply, especially during the holiday periods.  Therefore, if you know that you must go to you in August or at the end of December, begins search a good kangaroo of dogs several ahead months. If you know the dates of your trip the best thing is to reserve the service in time. This is something that sometimes does not consider, but is absolutely necessary if it is wanted to find a good lodging, since if you are not going to have to be satisfied to first that you find.

Finally, to avoid majors preoccupations, not only it is necessary to find a trustworthy caretaker of mascots, also we must be responsible clients! 🙂

If your dog has behavior problems such as: it does not only remain in the house without making damage, he is not acostubrado to being removed with the strap, urine in the house, is aggressive with the dog-cats - young, etc., is well to speak it with the person to who these leaving to your mascot 🙂


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