Of which the work of a good Nursemhelp of dogs for Vacation consists?

You have to go of vacation and are looking for a Nursemhelp to you of dogs or mascots in?
Would You like to savor a cocktal afrutado in a tropical beach, to take advantage of last Nevada to go a weekend to you to ski to the mountain, to organize a romantic escape with your pair or to go to you to visit a city that not yet you know?
Or simply would you like to march you to take a pause you far from the noisy, but you don't know where to leave to your dog or your mascots?
Nursemhelp of dogs is the perfect solution for you 🙂
When you are fallen down in a beautiful beach enjoying the sun, the nature and your trip you will not have to worry not one moment to you since your friend of four legs could not be in better hands 🙂
While you are enjoying of life it also will be of vacation!

Of what my work of Nursemhelp of dogs consists

What I more like to do and to which I dedicate myself is to take care of the mascots of my clients, especially of dogs and cats.
What attempt to do when I take care of to me of them is to allow them to be in one harmonious and warm atmosphere, as if they were in his own home, even when its masters cannot take care of them.
Your dogs will be able to have freely of all my house and the beautiful garden that I have, as if they were in his house 🙂
Nor to speak of cages, boxes or caretakers of dogs that leave the animal in a patio or the terrace!
My floor will be as his, will be able to enjoy each space of my house freely and will be with me at every moment.
The dog will remove a minimum from three times to the day, whenever the master agrees: it can more or less be times, based on if the small dog it requires it.
I will take them to the beach so that they breathe a little marine breeze and they inhale iodine, we will give to lengths strolls by the forests around or by some beautiful park, we will take the sun and we will play together in the cosy jardincito of my house and, by all means, I will give to very many affection and love him as if they were my mascots 🙂
To take care of dogs, cats or other mascots enchants to me and each guest will have a singular treatment, because each animal is different and each has its needs, different from those of the others.
Games, food, brushed cleaning and will be calibrated according to the animal, to respond all to specific needs.

In case your mascot also needs well-taken care of doctor, you do not worry, I can provide medecines because I have worked as veterinary assistant in Guatemala, the greatest dog pound of all Latin America and have experience with dogs of all the types.

You do not doubt in going of vacation 🙂 to you

Now that you know where encontra a Nursemhelp of super dogs affectionate and letter, it vetoes of vacation without problems because your dear friend will be enchanting of my company 🙂
You can come to visit address to me to know and to see my home me; here my contacts
For any question you do not doubt in contacting to me, although in the Web you can calmly find the information on the services that I offer and my tariffs 🙂

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