Nursemhelp of dogs for weddings

You have to marry you and she would like you that your dog participates to the great celebration, but you do not know how to do it?

You would leave your best friend did not participate in the most important day of your life?
You do not worry, wedding dog to sitter is a designed service so that a special caretaker throughout accompanies your likeable mascot the day of the wedding, so that he is an honor guest, happy and calm next to just married 🙂

The service that we offer has turned into the datum point for the pairs that, having a dog and wanting to see it participate in his wedding, considering it as a member of the family to all the effects, they need somebody who helps them with that.

We will take care, at this important moment of your life, to take care of your dog, so that he can attend the wedding and be next to you calm and happy.

We also propose some very beautiful and elegant detallitos (a necklace of echos flowers by our florist's of favorite design) that your friend of four legs will be able to take the day of the wedding if, by all means, these in agreement your also 🙂

For more information you do not doubt in contacting to us!

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