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You are looking for a service of quality for the care of your mascot?

Nursemhelp of Dogs
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Nursemhelp of Dogs in is a professional Company and an excellent place where to leave your mascot when not these or when you cannot take care of her. We are specialized in offering a second home and always guaranteed the best possible care to them. Located in center of, we also offer an ample fan of services of quality for dogs or other animal.

Why to choose us for the care of your dogs?

  • We are the only mini-residence without cages in
  • We take care of a maximum of four dogs simultaneously
  • We are professional of the care of mascots
  • We are in touch with services of canine education and veterinary help 24h of the day, every day of the year
  • We can provide medecines and we adapted ourselves to special diets
  • We are very careful, we always maintain the routine to which they are customary
  • We give to very many affection and love them <3
  • Our strolls are only private and customized
  • We include and we propose playful activities and of socialization where the small dogs go it brilliant!

Your companion will be enchanted to spend his free time with us, since we will treat it as if he was of vacation, giving him much affection, mimitos, love and causing that feels like the honor guest. Us he will be able to enjoy all the attention, of nice spaces, pleasant sites where to be able to play and to take the sun, always guaranteeing a familiar atmosphere so that it relaxes and feels safe as in its own house. Being great lovers of the animal, for us it is very important to assure tranquillity and well-being to him, working with professionalism and attention. We have managed to obtain great knowledge on dogs, cats and another type of mascots thanks to many years of experience in this field. We really want to expend this information to people, that is the reason we are using vps web hosting because it helps alot, especially with the software. Examples of the software are PHP, OsCommerce, cPanel, etc. You can also use other type of web hosting services. There is one plan that we would like to recommend to you, it is dedicated server hosting which might be suitable for you.

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